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Marine Services
3R of Charleston, Inc. Contact Us At: (843) 824-0711
3R of Charleston,Inc. provides a variety of marine services from universal & hazamat waste removal to tank cleaning to bilge and slops waste water removal and disposal services. 3R of Charleston has been working with the marine industry since 1990 and USCG approved as a mobile transfer facility to do transfers from ship to shore. 3R of Charleston has experience doing emergency pump out / transfer services with products and waste streams such as petroleum contact water, waste oils, parizilen, and water reactive phosphate.

3R of Charleston's Marine services are listed below:
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Marine Tank Cleaning

  3R of Charleston provides tank cleaning services for marine tanks that need gas free & ready for hot work to product type changes or for routine inspections. (More Information)

USCG Over-Water Transfers

  3R of Charleston is USCG approved mobile transfer facility to handle over water pumping services of a variety of waste streams from sewage to bilge water to tank cleaning wash water. (More Information)

Bilge Cleaning

  3R of Charleston provides bilge cleaning services for gas free and hot work permits or just routine cleaning. (More Information)

Petroleum Contact Bilge and Slops Waste Water Removal

  3R of Charleston provides petroleum contact water removal services of ship bilge water, slops, tank bottom water, and wash waters.
(More Information)

Solid Waste Removal

  3R of Charleston provides hazardous and nonhazardous waste removal and disposal services. (More Information)

Universal Waste Removal
  3R of Charleston provides removal and recycling services for florescent bulbs, batteries, and other universal waste. (More Information)

Recycling Services

  3R of Charleston provides recycling services of ferrous and nonferrous metals and plastics. (More Information)

24 Hour Emergency Pump Out Services

  3R of Charleston provides 24 hour emergency pump out and transferring services. (More Information)

Steam Pressure Washing Services

  3R of Charleston steam pressure washing services for marine applications. (More Information)

           Vacuum Truck and Tanker Services


3R of Charleston, Inc
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